2020 – A Perfect Storm! There’s A Great Year Ahead…

 I’ve been around awhile as many of you know, and have seen every permutation of placement season.  There have been years where applications were plenty and positions few, and others where the opposite occurred.  Variables in these shifts have been economic, demographic, geopolitical or just plain inexplicable. My “seasoned” season radar predicts a PERFECT STORM in 2020 with record demand from the camp community.  More importantly, Camp America’s early leads and application stats are off the charts.

We launched our Camp Directors’ Fair registration on July 2nd, 2019.  Some Fairs were full by mid-August, and we were over full capacity in every city by mid-September.  Early indicators are booming, matching is fast and furious and our online “pipleline” feature created a powerful pipeline of placemnets.  We thank you for your partnership!

I am proud that  this promising season is my fortieth in this unique and magical field of endeavor.  Vic has been with us for over two decades.   Jenna, Allyson and Elizabeth will all have had their ten-year “Camp Ameriversaries”. Chantal and Graeme will share a seventh season. Sam hit five this month and Clem and Kathy are not far behind.  Jules made a swift transition from customer to soldier for cultural exchange.  Our global offices have similar or better tenure.  How lucky am I to work with such an amazing team of experienced professionals?

I look forward to taking 2020 by storm together as we enjoy a perfect equation for success!!!