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Exclusive New Model For California – a Better Fit For Everyone!

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We have arrived at a new pricing formula for 2016 that we feel is the right fit for California and appreciate your partnership during its first year of formal implementation. We want to be on the vanguard of compliance on both federal and state levels and recognize the unique requirements in this popular destination for international staff.

Our first change is to greatly reduce camp fees by eliminating flight costs. Moving forward all participants placed in California will make their own travel arrangements, which does mean increased upfront costs for them. However they will also pay less to Camp America, and receive far higher compensation while at camp. We calculated this compensation based on California summer camp state minimum wage less allowable deductions for meals and lodging, as well as those for insurance costs that are included in our fee to camps. The net result is a solid financial package for participants, tailored to state requirements, that eliminates the need for camps to incur total costs over and above our published fee schedule. These simple changes significantly increase pocket money while keeping overall cost to your camp at affordable rates. Click here to view the new schedule.

We published this in August, and Account Representatives have begun to reach out to host camps to make sure that everything is clear to you. We are also working on resources for applicants that properly explain the special prospect of a California placement. The arrangement won’t be ideal for every applicant to the program, and we realize that some may reject it. However we expect that most will embrace the opportunity, and are confident that this is the right way forward for everyone.

Please get in touch anytime if you have any questions at all at 800.727.8233 Ext. 5107 or

Thank you For Our 30th Annual Camp Directors’ Fairs!


Thirty years ago we used 50 free tickets from British Airways to fly camp directors to Maria Assumpta Convent in Kensington London to interview and secure international staff.  AIFS was just 20 years old!  In 2015 we packed thousands into the QEII Conference Center in Westminster.  We were the first, and we are still the very, very best!!!

When I had the pleasure of introducing AIFS Chairman and founder Sir Cyril Taylor at our House of Parliament reception, I thanked four core constituencies.  Hundreds of camp directors and leadership staff took their personal and professional time to travel and hire with us.  Hip-hip-HOORAY!  Next is our AIFS Camp America London, Australia, New Zealand and Poland Teams that hosted us so successfully for our 30th annual events and generated over 6,500 bright, talented and energetic applicants. Hip-hip-HOORAY!   Kudos to the Connecticut Team for processing registrations and organizing logistics details for hundreds of camp professionals. 

Hip-hip-HOORAY for our applicants! Two thousand strong secured placements at the Fairs, and many more will be placed over the coming weeks. Let us be grateful for these young adventuresome international human resources.  May their J-1 cultural exchange experiences be a bright beacon of personal enrichment for the rest of their lives, and in the lives of those who will be similarly enriched by their participation and contributions to your camp communities.

Sincere thanks to all who made these Fairs happen and we look forward to our February London Fair with the same level of anticipation. 

New Camp Directors’ Fair Website – One Week From Launch

CD Fair Site We have sent out our “soft launch” for 2015 including our published fee schedule and program highlights.  We are actively recruiting and applications will begin to appear in Camp America Online over the next few weeks.  I am super excited about our new website for the 2015 Fairs.  All we need are a few finishing touches on the online registration component and we should be able to push it out next week. Continue reading