Why April 10th Deadline For Repeat Staff?

We are more than grateful to camps who participate in and support our program.  We want to be a part of your success, but as always there are practical considerations.  This is particularly true in the area of returning staff who put off their application until late in the season.

It all comes down to processing time and turnaround… we’re talking about key items like criminal background checks and medical reports.  Returning international staff that start our application process after April 10th are pushing the envelope, and we would hate to promise you an applicant that we couldn’t deliver.

So get in touch with those outstanding returners now.  We have sent them numerous e-mail blasts, but hearing it from you is different.  Could your Account Representative squeeze somebody in after April 10th?  We would have to look on a case by case basis, and please go easy on our staff if the answer is no.  Thanks!