There’s No Place Like Camp!

Camp is happening! All the camper and staff recruitment, purchasing, conferences, and program planning… all the self-assessment and standards prep… site maintenance and equipment inventory… menus, diets, meds, pick-ups, logistics, financials, cabin assignments and parent management… Camp is really here, and it may seem like your problems have only just started!

Ah, the life of a camp professional (when people ask “what do you do for the rest of the year?”). If you think your job is thankless, let us help you out with that. There are few careers on earth where so much good is accomplished in such a short amount of time with such a gargantuan amount of effort. Good for you for what you do!

Think of it as a manufacturing plant, a foundry of sorts. In goes raw material and out comes product, right? Now what about a factory where the product isn’t tangible? What about a place where the outcomes are friendships, bonds, skills, lessons, self-image, global awareness, kindness, spirit, song, laughter, fun, amazement, goodwill, pride and confidence? Is there a machine that stretches personal limits, teaches respect, inspires achievement, opens minds, hearts and souls?

Thank you for operating that machine and running your special factory. Without you we couldn’t share the magic that you generate with the rest of the world!

Have an awesome summer!