New Camp Directors’ Fair Website – One Week From Launch

CD Fair Site We have sent out our “soft launch” for 2015 including our published fee schedule and program highlights.  We are actively recruiting and applications will begin to appear in Camp America Online over the next few weeks.  I am super excited about our new website for the 2015 Fairs.  All we need are a few finishing touches on the online registration component and we should be able to push it out next week.

Why am I so excited?  Well for one thing it is long overdue and I must say it is “cutting edge”.  The testimonial video gives you a taste of the excitement of the events.   The global Camp America community personally invites you to Britain, Poland, Australia and New Zealand with heartfelt zest and energy.  Features include an informative FAQ section, clear and concise terms and conditions, flight integration, accommodations page, and a robust source of sightseeing opportunities. Enrollment is easier than ever and we capture exactly what you enter with no room for error.

We hope that you enjoy this new tool, and more importantly I hope that you come with us in 2015 to share our 30th year of quality face-to-face international staffing.