Welcome Sam Roberts to the “Field” of Cultural Exchange


 It is not often that we welcome a client to the ranks of the Camp America program, and I am extremely pleased and fortunate to have Sam Roberts on our team as of October 1st.  Sam has always been a good friend of the program and now represents us from Gaithersburg Maryland as “Field Representative”.  While it may not sound as lofty as as his previous “executive director” status in the world of summer camp, I see it as a very appropriate title indeed.

Sam will most certainly clarify our field of vision  in the industry through insightful professional perspective  He will analyze fields of opportunity and scope out our horizons. His passion for what we do and motivational skills are a magnetic field for innovation, creativity, and goodwill.  Most importantly, Sam’s hiatus from residential camping is now an asset to the field of cultural exchange  and we expect countless contributions through his breadth of knowledge and focused outreach into the summer camp community.  He will facilitate quality life-changing experiences happen for untold number of participants, campers and camp administrators in 2014 and far into the future.

Please join me in welcoming Sam Roberts to Camp America and the American Institute For Foreign Study as we enter our sixth decade of bringing the world together.