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About Dennis Regan

Dennis started in the field of cultural exchange in 1980 with the American Institute For Foreign Study, Inc. publicizing study abroad programs. He hasn't looked back since after joining AIFS' Camp America program in 1982 as a "placement coordinator". Lucky to have experienced the full positioning of international staffing as a key component of the camp experience over three decades, Dennis shares his thoughts on trends and developments in the program and the field at large through his blog, "Zip Line".

There’s No Place Like Camp!

Camp is happening! All the camper and staff recruitment, purchasing, conferences, and program planning… all the self-assessment and standards prep… site maintenance and equipment inventory… menus, diets, meds, pick-ups, logistics, financials, cabin assignments and parent management… Camp is really here, and it may seem like your problems have only just started! Continue reading

Meeting Australian Parents in June

Last August Kat from Australia, a returning participant from a camp in North Carolina, was in a condominium with friends in Playa del Carmen, Mexico during after-camp travel.  Walking out to the balcony, she encountered transparent glass divider and shattered it causing severe injury.  Thanks to the quick response of her camp friends and colleagues she survived with both life and limb, but it was close.  Too close for comfort. Continue reading